Harbottle & Pinchanski offers clients comprehensive legal services in litigation. The firm is recognized by its unsurpassed expertise in litigation during the last forty years. Our mission is to deliver success for our clients and we have had a high level of success. 

We have represented our clients in high profile litigation matters involving commercial, Intellectual Property and Corporate conflicts, penal, civil, labor, unfair competitive practices, family, administrative and constitutional issues. 

We dedicate all our efforts to understand each client’s business, industry, and goals and assemble the optimal resources to satisfy our client’s legal challenges so we build lasting relationships by delivering results. 

We take each case very carefully to ensure the best outcomes for clients. Our  firm practices law at the highest levels of the legal profession, respecting professional and business ethics as a duty to the profession and to the community.  

Real Estate: 

Harbottle & Pinchanski represents investors, developers, owners and operators on real estate projects in Costa Rica.. We take care legally of condominium projects, industrial developments, residential projects, destination resort hotels and time-share facilities. These transactions vary from relatively simple single-asset deals to the most complex in the industry. 

We counsel clients through the complexities of development joint ventures and real estate operating companies, strategic alliances, mortgage loans, and virtually every other variation on the theme of real estate investment. 

We have particular experience dealing with the special challenges of the inscription of real state assets in Costa Rica and State Concessions. 


We handle all kinds of labor and employment matters and negotiation between employees and employers. Our vast experience in laboral issues, representing groups of public and private professional employees as well as employers in all types of laboral conflicts in Costa Rica allow us to draft agreements and advise our clients as to the best ways to comply with the Costarrican legislation. 

Our clients range from multinational corporations to young companies, from single private o public professionals to large groups of employees. 

Administrative Law:  

We have many years of experience in public and administrative law, and in all matters related to government institutions, and litigation in special administrative trials.

We provide a very special legal assistance, especially in government contracting, municipal law, administrative trials against the State, and concessions in the public zone in front of the beaches.   

     Government Contracting:

     In Costa Rica a significant number of public services as telecommunications, public transportation, public roads construction, oil, electricity, etc. public contracting and bidding processes are state monopolies, Government Contracting is very important. We provide legal assistance in Government Contracting and advice our clients in the process of maintaining the contracts and concessions. 

     Harbottle & Pinchanski have vast experience in the field of the public sector. 

     Our focus is on strategic planning and preventive efforts, designed to minimize missteps and to maximize the opportunities for our clients to complete successfully in Government contracting process. 

Constitutional Law:   

The Constitutional Law is the base of all the Costa Rican Laws, protecting the fundamental workers rights every person in fields as education, environment, private and public employ, right of obtain information from public institutions, and on the other hand, special areas like parlamentary law.

Harbottle & Pinchanski has a vast of experience in constitutional trials, and we provide the best assessors for every one.    

Corporate and Bussines Law: 

We have extensive experience in incorporating, organizing and advising partnerships and all kind of business.

As a plus, we offer permanent legal advice, becoming a team with our clients. The legal advice includes areas like Civil, Labor, Commercial and Administrative matters.

Harbottle & Pinchanski offers the service of management and custody of corporate books, all kind of work agreements, and gives you permanent corporate advice.


In addition of all our services, we offer to the clients all of our experience in obtaining patents and trademarks, and all the things that have to be part of areas of intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements, copyright registration, corporations and other related areas.

Intellectual Property

Every one’s idea is a world that needs to be protected, and we really believe it, for this reason we defend and protect it. We are able to defend your rights under the law, because every creation represents a hard work of the people that we protect. We have cast experience in this field with lot of success. 

We offer to our clients the service of Public Notary, in our country or out of the country. In this area, we have years of vast experience.

All members of the firm are authorized by the National Direction of Notaries in Costa Rica to act such us Public Notary.


Our office provides general advise in banking law, orientation in legislation to the client’s daily operation, or in a very specific transactions, as well as obtaining registrations, permits, licenses, and filing notifications before the regulatory entities of these area. 

Commercial Law:

Our practice in this area involves drafting and reviewing contracts ranging from simple supply and distribution agreements to complex licensing agreements.

Antitrust and Unfair Competition:

In antitrust and competition area, Harbottle & Pinchanski has had notable victories in matters involving allegation about this theme.

Criminal Law: We have been very successful in defending white collar cases some of them of transcendental importance in the country.

MAL PRAXIS: we are experts in defending professionals indicted for mal praxis in medicine, farmacy and other health fields.

Defamation: Hundreds of cases of defamation have being won by our law office during the years some of then involving public figures.

Family Law:

We also offer legal services in Family Law including Family Law  Trials as well as marriages, divorces, adoptions, etcétera.